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Saturday, December 3, 2016

4 Setbacks to Ordered Steps

 "The steps of a [good] man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way" (KJV). Ordered means directed and established. Directions are not clear unless they are organized, systematic, arranged or laid out in a specific manner to achieve a specific result. Order is then the opposite of chaos.  If this is true, then why is it so hard to work efficiently toward completing our 'ordered' goals? In my own faith walk, I've come to 4 major areas that interfere with my ability to adhere to the ordered steps the Lord has given me:

1.  Putting Energy into the Wrong Things
I call these the distractors in my life.  The things that make me feel like I'm doing something, but my heart knows this is not my assignment.

2.  Working in Reluctance
The Lord needs our YES.  Having the wrong attitude will not produce fruit in a timely manner.  I've found it more beneficial to sit down and pray about why I don't want to do the task, than to pretend I want to do the work.

3.  Comparing
Although I should be well beyond participating in this terrible habit, but on a occasion, one to many scrolls through social media can leave me feeling like I'm on the wrong course. I got it all wrong, and I'm behind where I "should" be in all areas of life.

4.  Proceeding with Caution (AKA Doubt)
Sometimes, I actually receive a green like to move in a certain area, give the Lord my YES to that assignment, and instead of jumping in, I proceed with caution. The fear of being wrong, the doubt of whether I heard correctly, seems to find its way into my mental stream and dismantle any and all momentum I thought I had acquired to tackle the task.

Staying in the will of God is a series of choices one has to make on a daily basis. The bible says that the Word of God is a lamp for [our] feet, and a light to [our] paths. (Psalm 119:105)  If we diligently and wholeheartedly believe that to be true, we will always find clues of revelation along the road of ordered steps.


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